About Dr. Love

Hi, it’s Dr. Love here.

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself, and the question you are probably asking: “Who is Dr. Love”

I’m actually a pretty normal guy, who grew up in Europe with a college degree in Electronics Engineering from Norway.  I moved to USA a few years after college and but never seem to have much luck with the girls.  (smile)  This was frustrating, since I felt I deserved a really great girl…

However, after finding a girl in San Francisco and being married for 7 years that resulted in 3 great kids, I decided it was time to learn to find a real great romantic partner and become a better version of me.

It was not easy to find a hot girl with a good heart – that was still interested in me, but I started traveling around the world to look for a new life partner.  I visited places on 4 continents (Europe, Australia, America and Asia) – researching and learning about human relationships, in search of what we might call “Real Love”.

I made lots of mistakes, but finally started to become more social and good with women.  I dated quite a few women that I could only dream about as a young single man.  I am not sure why, but as I got older the women seem to get younger and more pretty.  (smile)  However, I did not mind…

I now find myself spending a lot of time in the Philippines, and I recommend you do the same – if you have been looking for love in all the wrong places.

Please enjoy reading my comments/suggestions about how to find Romance and Love in Asia .  And stop complaining about Western women — just jump on an airplane to SE Asia.  You will not regret it, as your life will never be the same again.

If you are looking for advice on how to meet the professional bar-girls, you have come to the wrong web site.  I am giving advice on how to meet good, wholesome Asian girls who have day-time jobs – and that do not dabble in the nigh-time industries.  (smile)

You can add comments or questions below any article or page in this blog, or you can contact me directly via email at the CONTACT US link at the bottom of this page.

Asian Love Doctor

UPDATE (Sept 2014):  For a limited time only, I will answer all personal questions about dating Asian women and online dating.  Just use the this link Contact Dr. Love via email to email me your question.   Please give me full description of your question, so I can understand clearly what you are asking.