Bangkok Motor Show 2012 – Coyote Show

Sales girl at Bangkok Motor Show

Lots of pretty ladies at the motor show…

One of the big events that I really enjoy when visiting Thailand is the Bangkok Motor Show.

Not only do they have amazing cars and accessories, but they have lots of beautiful Thai models – and even a sexy cayote dance show where you can see some charming Thai girls dancing in shorts.  The cayote dance area is located outside the main building – starting at around 7 pm every night.

Bring your camera and some earplugs; they play the music REALLY loud at the coyote show, and it feels like the parking lot of this event is moving from the loud bass.

When/Where is the Bangkok Motor Show?

33rd Bangkok International Motor Show located at the
99 Popular Road, Banmai Subdistrict, Pakkred District, Nonthaburi 11120, Bangkok.
Dates for the general public: 28 March – 8 April 2012, 11 am to 10 pm. Cayote show 7-10 pm daily.  The cost of the entrance ticket to the motor show is 100 baht.  Here is a general map of IMPACT convention center and Bangkok city:IMPACT event center in Bangkok

What is the best method to travel to the Bangkok Motor Show?

The easiest method to travel to MUANG THONG THANI area, is by taxi. You may pay something like 300 baht from most area of Bangkok.  (Make sure you tell the taxi driver to turn on his meter, or you will pay double the normal rate when the driver starts to jack up the price.)

The only problem is the traffic when taking taxi.  For faster travel and less traffic, I recommend first talking the BTS Skytrain to MoChit station – at a cost of around 40 baht from most areas.  Then hitch a taxi for about 150-200 baht to the motor show area.

Do not take the motor-show mini-bus service from Mo Chit BTS station at a cost of 30 baht.  The mini-bus takes almost 1 hour on non-express highways, whilst the taxi takes only 20-30 minutes.  I also could not get a seat on the sold out mini-bus and had to standup for 1 hour in the bus.  Not recommended transportation – even if they paid me to use the bus!

What is the location for the Coyote Dancing?

Floor map of the Bangkok Motor Show.

Red arrow points to the cayote dance area of the Bangkok Motor Show.

They have hidden the coyote dance area in the back parking lot and called it Car Audio Show. Not sure why…

You may not be able to find it in the large convention complex of buildings and streets, unless you know how to speak Thai language – or find someone that can speak some basic English to help you with directions.

Here is a little “cheat” map that you can click on to see the coyote dancing area, market with a red arrow.


-Dr. Love

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