Thailand versus Philippines….

Happy Filipinas at pool party in Manila

A new video has been uploaded about the top differences between Thailand and the Philippines.

These two countries seem to be very popular with expats for dating and looking for a wife.   But even though there are lots of similarities there are some big differences.   To summarize. I would say Thailand is best for party . . . → Read More: Thailand versus Philippines….

An expat base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Here is an interesting article by a reader of that says he prefers living in Malaysia, and that there are many advantages of living there over Thailand.

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My budget, which allowed me to live comfortably in Thailand and Bali had received significant boost now I was not . . . → Read More: An expat base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Songkran Festival – How to Stay Dry?

Most of my expats friends in Thailand choose not participate in the 3-7 day long water festival in Thailand – called the Songkran festival, where anyone can throw water in your face and put talcum powder on your cheeks.

I personally do not wish to be soaking wet when I go out for lunch or . . . → Read More: Songkran Festival – How to Stay Dry?

Bangkok Motor Show 2012 – Coyote Show

Sales girl at Bangkok Motor Show

Lots of pretty ladies at the motor show…

One of the big events that I really enjoy when visiting Thailand is the Bangkok Motor Show.

Not only do they have amazing cars and accessories, but they have lots of beautiful Thai models – and even a sexy cayote dance show where you can . . . → Read More: Bangkok Motor Show 2012 – Coyote Show

Philippines vs Thai Girls…

Thai Girls in Bangkok...

What SE Asian country do I think has the best girlfriend material?

I have been traveling in SE Asia for more than 10 years and lived for longer periods in both Thailand and Philippines. The answer for the best place to meet a girlfriend depends on if you are looking for:

1) Just fun and . . . → Read More: Philippines vs Thai Girls…