No Dental Insurance Individuals?

No medicare dental plan?

What do you do when you have no dental insurance – and the waiting periods are too long when starting new insurance?  Well, enter the world of dental medical tourism in SE Asia.

Dental medical tourism – why does it work?

During my last trip to the Philippines, I paid $30 to fix a cavity.  Compared with the cost of around $250.00 in California, that is a huge saving.  In fact, I did both a dental cleaning and fixed 2 cavities.  It paid for my airfare with the money I saved by using the dental services in the Philippines.  And, I got a nice vacation.

The short answer: you save money to take dental services in a non-US location.

Dentistry attracts what might be termed the “incidental traveler.” Patients who are on a vacation in a dental destination country can find that they can weave affordable dental care into their holiday plans. Business travelers that go overseas may arrange for dental care while on a business trip, hence saving on oral treatment and travel costs.

Where to go for treatment?

Highly competent dentists welcome patients in a number of destinations known for excellence in dental care: Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, Thailand, and the Philippines to name a few.  Furthermore, the dental patient does need not to sacrifice quality to save money, in my experience.

I recommend the Philippines because it is a tropical country with warm weather and everyone speaks English.  See this video I made about my dentist in Makati, Manila.  I recommend MetroDental in Greenbelt 5, Makati.

I am not paid for making this review, as a result, you should do your own research before selecting a dentist.

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-Asian Dating Dr.
San Francisco, Nov 2017


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