Exotic Erotic Ball – San Francisco

Sexy Asian girl at Exotic Erotic

This Asian girl does not seem to be very shy…

The wild and crazy Exotic Erotic Ball. It happens in Northern California, USA in October each year.

This yearly party been going on for many years and fills the Cow Palace in San Francisco with all manner of exhibitionists and voyeurs.

Video cameras are strangely not allowed, although I saw many people sneak them in and film anyway.  In any case, the policy is to allow all the still pictures you like – with both regular and digital photo cameras – which I did.  But, remember to bring extra memory for your digital camera, since there is so much to see and photograph. (smile)

I do not post any x-rated pictures, although I did see some  men were walking around with nothing but shoes. – I was really surprised what goes on at this party… (laugh)

See more pictures from the Exotic Erotic Ball.

-Dr. Love

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