An expat base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Here is an interesting article by a reader of that says he prefers living in Malaysia, and that there are many advantages of living there over Thailand.

My budget, which allowed me to live comfortably in Thailand and Bali had received significant boost now I was not drinking.  No way I was returning to Oz which was overpriced and quite frankly boring after having spent the last 7 years in Asia.  I considered Singapore, which is great for a day trip (especially to see the horse racing!), but accommodation there in particular is quite expensive. Suddenly Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur was looking an attractive proposition.I particularly liked the golden triangle/ampang area. It had a good big city feel, clean and sophisticated with the Asian buzz which really appealed to me. So I explored this option more carefully and found KL’s other advantages which helped in my decision…


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