Philippines vs Thai Girls…

Thai Girls in Bangkok...What SE Asian country do I think has the best girlfriend material?

I have been traveling in SE Asia for more than 10 years and lived for longer periods in both Thailand and Philippines. The answer for the best place to meet a girlfriend depends on if you are looking for:

1) Just fun and play, or do you want a

2) Wholesome girl to marry or keep for a long term relationship.

Before I continue, let me say there are both good and bad girls in every country. I am only giving my own personal views, based upon my own experience with the ladies I have met in SE Asia. And, I am not just talking about looks or outside appearances – I am talking about the whole package; looks, personality and culture.

If you just want to go on a 1-2 weeks’ vacation, the best place party is without a doubt Pattaya, Thailand. But keep in mind it is extremely rare to find girlfriend material in a club in Pattaya – that you may want to take home and marry.

If you want to experience Asian women similar the Asian women in USA or Australia, then simply go to Singapore or Hong Kong. But, why travel so far just to meet the same as you already have? If you want to change your romantic life do not do to same as before – do something new…

If you want to look for a wife or a serious Asian girlfriend, I feel the best choice is Philippines, in my humble opinion. The reason is simply that the Philippines are closer in culture to America and all people speak excellent English. They also seem to be a little more romantic and less focused on money, in my experience. Some people may disagree with me, and there are always exceptions to the general rule.

I find the major points about Thailand are:Thai Girls Shopping in Bangkok

  • Great infra-structure (roads, electric trains that work, free internet all over the city), great shopping selection and reasonable prices.
  • Delicious Thai food! There is nothing better than Thai food – with the exception of some Japanese food.
  • Friendly straight girls (you can find girls with day jobs who do not dabble in the nighttime/entertainment business), but they appear to be harder to seduce and bed than Filipinas.
  • They have Japanese tourists, and a chance to meet Asian females from the affluent Japan.
  • Tall Thai girls that dress like they stepped out of a fashion magazine, even if they are working in a low salary office job! —- Thai girls spend more money on clothes and grooming than Filipinas for the simple reason that the average wage is a little higher.
  • Taxis that do not look like they are falling apart. And, the average taxi fare is only about a US $1.50.
  • Streets are safe for walking late at night in any part of the Bangkok city.
  • The girls do not understand half of what you are saying – because of poor understanding of English, and you will understand even less of what they are saying on important matters about love and day-to-day issues.

Happy Filipinas at pool party in ManilaThe Philippines has:

  • Extremely friendly and sexy girls –even if some are dirt poor.
  • The food sucks – unlike Thai and Japanese foods.
  • Some safe parts (like Makati) look like any modern Western city. Other areas of Manila that are not safe, and you should always ask a local for advice before walking around in strange neighborhoods.
  • Always hassled by beggars and kids that ask for money at street corners, and even while sitting in a taxi at a red stop light.
  • Short girls (average high around is only 4’11).
  • Some girls are very cute with mixed Euro or Chinese blood.
  • Slums and poor people always trying different scams and even try to extract money from love sick Western nation people on the internet.
  • Taxis can have rigged meters, or cab drivers that love to take you for unannounced tour around town. But, they all speak English.
  • Excellent communications because everyone speaks English.
  • Philippines may be a good place to retire for low prices, good weather in the winter, foreigner friendly girls, everyone speaks English and good health care in the major private hospitals.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Feedback is important….

Dr. Love

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