Songkran Festival – How to Stay Dry?

Another Songkran.Most of my expats friends in Thailand choose not participate in the 3-7 day long water festival in Thailand – called the Songkran festival, where anyone can throw water in your face and put talcum powder on your cheeks.

I personally do not wish to be soaking wet when I go out for lunch or dinner – during Songkran, so I came up the following plan to avoid getting wet during Songkran festival:

  1. Stay home as much as possible – and invite some Thai girls and expats over for a DVD movie night.In Bangkok the water festival of Songkran is only about 3 days long in April 13-15.  So, although inconvenient I usually stock up on fruits, cereal and other foods that I can eat for a couple of days – and then proceed to do all the backlogged paperwork, tax-returns and other chores around the house.
    Some friends of mine that live in Pattaya – where the Songkran festival is 7 days long – frequently choose to paint or repair their houses/apartments during Songkran and avoid all the crazy celebrations during the water festival.
  2. Buy a protective rain coat and plastic bag for any valuables, such as smarts phones etc – before going out.
  3. Go out only after 9 pm, and only to selected “safe” grocery stores and restaurants where there is no signs of Songkran water fights.
  4. Stay away from any small back streets where you see water marks on the road.  This is a tell-tale sign that people with water-guns are nearby and you could get hosed.  The water festival can get real crazy with people throwing buckets of cold ice-water down your back.
  5. And last – and my most favorite method – is to only use BTS for travel and go only into the main shopping malls for food and entertainment.  Choose for example: MBK, Siam Paragon, Terminal 21 and Emporium shopping malls.  These malls require you do deposit you water guns at the entrance before going inside, and the BTS train service connects directly to these malls with walk-ways that have no water fights.  You only need to worry about getting to the BTS station – perhaps with a taxi – to stay dry.
  6. Most people and kids will respect you holding a camera or a cell-phone in your hand, if you hold it up in the air – and will not hose you down, even when in the middle of Songkran.  But, this is not 100% sure thing; however it worked for me.

Enjoy Thailand for what it is, but stay dry if you choose to during Songkran festival.  Happy water festival!

-Dr. Love


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