Dating Guide for Makati, Philippines:

We have been super busy making a new video course for expats that want to live or visit Makati City, in the Philippines. Here is an email notification page, in case you want to notified when the new course is ready. . . . → Read More: Dating Guide for Makati, Philippines:

No Dental Insurance Individuals?

dental medical tourism

No medicare dental plan?

What do you do when you have no dental insurance – and the waiting periods are too long when starting new insurance?  Well, enter the world of dental medical tourism in SE Asia.

Dental medical tourism – why does it work?

During my last trip to the Philippines, I paid $30 . . . → Read More: No Dental Insurance Individuals?

Going Through a Breakup with a Filipina?

The author of the video below talks very frankly about what can happen when a foreigner comes on a 2-3 week holiday to date a Filipina in the Philippines. Things can go well, but can also go badly.

Reekey over at LifeBeyondTheSea on his YouTube Channel gives some great advice for expats breaking up with . . . → Read More: Going Through a Breakup with a Filipina?

Philippines vs Thai Girls…

Thai Girls in Bangkok...

What SE Asian country do I think has the best girlfriend material?

I have been traveling in SE Asia for more than 10 years and lived for longer periods in both Thailand and Philippines. The answer for the best place to meet a girlfriend depends on if you are looking for:

1) Just fun and . . . → Read More: Philippines vs Thai Girls…